Does your firm deal in products that need to be measured, calibrated or tested? The ISO 17025 standard was published in 1999 and upgraded in 2005 and 2017, specifically for providing requirements for accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories. For your laboratory to get accreditation, it has to convincingly prove that it is capable of producing accurate and reliable products over and over again with unquestionable competence.

No doubt you need a copy of Laboratory System Manual if your company deals in products that need accurate testing and measurement. The manual tends to put a lot of emphasis on the management as the direct bearer of the responsibilities towards the standard of products produced by the company. The quality system applies to all laboratories; the difference only comes in if the activities in your laboratory don't go to the extent required by some of its clauses. For instance, if your laboratory doesn't develop new models, the clause on design of new models definitely doesn't apply to you. Compliance to this manual is fundamental in customer satisfaction.

This laboratory accreditation manual is one of the guidebooks that have seen numerous revisions over time. Every year, new innovations come up in a bid to make tests, calibrations and measurements as accurate as possible. Laboratories around the globe should therefore seek to possess the latest versions in order to upgrade to the current advancements in scientific measurements and laboratory technology. For instance, the version referred to as 17025:2017 is the latest version and stipulates the general requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of laboratories, besides the contents of preceding versions.

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Recommended List of Sample Manual for Quick Implementation

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D101.1 ISO 9001:2015 Manual for Quality Management System Certification (including 10 Chapters and 4 Annexure) pdf icon $120
D103.1 ISO 14001:2015 Manual for Environmental Management System Certification pdf icon $130
D109.1 Quality Manual for ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation for Testing Lab (5 Chapters and 2 Annexure) pdf icon $70